We have a fabulous range of cake decorations to offer you:

Cake Decorations

  • Sugar craft toppers – Handmade cupcake toppers to suit your theme
  • Figurines – Handmade figurines in fondant to suit your theme
  • Cachous – Tiny silver sprinkles
  • Sprinkles – A large range of sprinkles in many colours
  • Ribbons and bows – Ribbons and bows always look great on cakes to add that finishing touch. Satin ribbons and bows are hand made in fondant
  • Fresh Flowers – you can provide your own fresh flowers or we are happy to source from our supplier
  • Monograms – Initials in bling for the top of that special occasion cake
  • Brooches and Buckles – You may have a special brooch or buckle with meaning that we can use to decorate your cake or we can provide what we have in stock. Stock varies at times.
  • Edible Images – Have that special photo printed on an edible image on top of your cake or your corporate logo to celebrate corporate events.

Icings & Fondants

  • Buttercream – A traditional buttercream made with icing sugar, milk and flavoured with vanilla extract
  • Vanilla Bean Buttercream – Traditional buttercream with vanilla beans folded through
  • Chocolate Ganache –
  • Chocolate Fudge – A rich fudge like chocolate icing
  • Rolled Fondant – A very smooth and malleable icing that dries hard. The fondant is rolled to a uniform thickness and then laid over the cake or cupcake. Fondant is also used for detail work such as making intricate flowers, figurines, cupcake toppers and much more

Some other Buttercream flavour ideas

  • Strawberries – Fresh strawberries pureed and folded through the buttercream
  • Cappuccino – Espresso coffee used instead of milk
  • Coconut – A splash of coconut essence added
  • Lemon or Orange – Zest of either lemon or orange and also freshly squeezed juice
  • Mocha – Chocolate and espresso coffee.